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  • Annas ahsan
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DRIED oregano is being padded with substitute olive and sumac leaves and sold to australians in big super market such as Coles & Woolworths & other Independent Shop's, a food fraud investigation agency https://www.choice.com.au/oregano has found.

Consumer advocate Choice says laboratory worst result was for the Master of Spices brand , which contained just 10 per cent oregano. Hoyt’s contained  11 per cent, Aldi’s Stonemill had 26 per cent, Spice & Co contained 33 per cent, Menora contained 33 per cent, Spencers contained 40 per cent, and G Fresh contained 50 per cent.

Industry veteran Ian Hemphill told the Herald Sun dried olive and sumac leaves were a cheaper substitute that looked similar to oregano.

Choice’s Tom Godfrey said seven of 12 individual samples bought from supermarkets, grocers and delis in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth, and analysed by a world-renowned Irish lab, were adulterated.

“Retailers, suppliers, producers and enforcement agencies need to increase and improve checks so consumers can trust they are getting what is on the label.”

Hoyt’s was 11 per cent; Aldi’s Stonemill 26 per cent; Spice & Co 35 per cent; Menora 36 per cent; Spencers 40 per cent; and G Fresh 50 per cent.

Choice, which commissioned the tests on products bought in August and September last year, said it referred the findings and potential breaches of laws against misleading or deceptive conduct and false or misleading labelling to the ACCC.


See the choice tests at https://www.choice.com.au/oregano


  • Annas ahsan
  • #fraud #exposed #oregano #australia #hoyts #masterofspices