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Our Story

“My mission is to produce and provide unique, delicious and healthy seasonings that let people create amazing meals across the world everyday.”

As sole creator and chef of Your Flavour, I first began making my unique seasonings in early 2014. Being a foodie with a focus on health and flavour, I love experimenting with recipes, and cooking tasty meals at home that are good for you too.

When I started looking for seasonings to add flavour to my meals, I was really disappointed and found them sadly lacking. They had low quality ingredients, sugar and salt, fillers, additives and preservatives, MSG and colourings, all of which also meant they could sit on the shelf for unnatural ages. Almost enough to turn you off cooking and get take-away instead.

Not giving in, a man with a mission, spurred by desire for home cooked flavour, with fresh inspiration and a hunger for health, I decided to put my own blends together. Going forward a bit, after much fun in the kitchen, I came up with a range of seasonings that became my best culinary friends. 

But when they started talking to me, I knew it was time to share! 

The concept was simple – source the highest quality raw ingredients possible, blend them with the perfect mix and balance, and keep them free of anything that discerning foodies, like me, don’t want …forever! 

My vision is to have Your Flavour in every home across the globe. I believe anyone can cook with the right seasonings, a bit of focus and lots of heart. You don’t have to be a qualified chef to be a passionate cook. And you don’t need loads of money to make delicious restaurant quality menus. You can create your own healthy magnificent meals with your style and Your Flavour!

Ace Ehsan
Chef and Creator of Your Flavour